We went to Cyberjaya park to release our beloved Kelisa into its natural environment. We’ve had it for many years now. Muzani is passionate about fish. He bought this Kelisa when it was just the size of 2-fingers. Even Mom used to feed it when Muzani couldn’t.

Okay, kids… picture time…. Well, adults get in too.

Ooh, ummi, look fish.

You will be free today, Kelisa.

My duty was to steady the transporter. The driver sometimes forgot there was a container with fish and water at the back!

We’re here. Yeay! The kids were excited.

Final escort.

There, the final destination.

The honor was with the owner.

So Kelisa was released into its natural habitat. Sorry if we mistreated you in any way.

The Kelisa swam back and said, “Thank you… and farewell. Thanks for feeding me all this while,” before it turned forward again deeper into the lake.

Some of us cried.

The weather was gorgeous. Subhanallah. We jogged and had fun at the nearby play garden.

Supplementary breakfast.

And lives move on. Here are the top 5 reasons why we released the beloved fish:

1 – We all believe it’s already harmful to the Kelisa itself to stay in the aquarium. It has grown so big.
2 – The Kelisa showed signs of injury on its mouth and scales. And we think the aquarium would not help much in healing. Didn’t think we would find the right veterinarian either.
3 – The Kelisa somehow would not eat very much. Lost of appetite. Especially after mom not around. T_T
4 – The Kelisa would eventually need to return to its natural environment.
5 – Somehow the Kelisa reminded us of mom. Several times the Kelisa swam in mom’s direction as she walked pass the aquarium. T_T

If you love someone or something, be prepared to let go. And love because of Allah. Because if you love Al-Khaliq, the Creator, He loves us back to even higher degree until eternity. A reminder for me and hopefully all of us.