After about 2 weeks of practice, we delivered the team pantomime (with one voice on stage since the actress needs control) along side 5 or 6 other teams. It was the first forum where employees came up with their own stuff.

I was the voice actor (normal accent, Scottish accent for the Lead Country Manager, German accent for the Technical Manager, and fuzzy accent for the engineers, ahaha) cum the screenplay director. Somebody else wrote the story and a reservoir engineer lady was the overall manager of the entire performance. I couldn’t narrate very well so a lady was assigned to be a narrator.

It was about a crisis that the team ran into and in the end managed to resolve with a quality teamwork. Simple: problem, action, resolution. Issues in the beginning and good ending.

We didn’t win but we had loads of fun. The winner was a team with a more charismatic leader on the stage himself as the Sultan. They didn’t do well during rehearsal but pulled everything together nicely during the actual performance. Funny and candid. We definitely couldn’t beat that.

Now that it’s all over – back to work. LOL.