Over the weekend, Intan’s KakNgah and Naem got married. We reached Kuala Selangor a day earlier to help wih any preparation needed.

The contingent just arrived.

The cameraman and the groom finalized some photo-shooting strategy.

The Akad (‘aqd, عقد) went smoothly. The Tok Kadi had requested K.Ngah to ask for forgiveness and express gratitude to her parents (Ibu & Ayah), before the actual Ijab Qabul could take place, which I thought was an excellent request.

He was also very candid and easily connected to the crowd. Still very young. I was very impressed.

Merpati dua sejoli (two joyful pigeons?). Sepasang mempelai (a pair of newlyweds?). What else? Pinang dibelah dua (areca nut split into two?).

Not so newlyweds. Hehe, not too old la. Still new also maa.