The next day, we all headed to Sabak Bernam for reception on Naem’s side.

First up: the powder house, a relative offered a place to dress up, make up and touch up. Somehow the make-up artist was late. While waiting, Mimi, wife and I visited a nearby BNO (Bagan Nakhoda Omar) beach.

D60 ISO100. 18mm f/3.5 1/4000 Dec 7, 2010. A gorgeous beach. Beautiful. Subhanallah…

Anyway, Nakhoda Omar was originally from LosongTerengganu. The people of Sabak Bernam surely knows this.

Previously, the Sari Intans were somewhat forced to do this. Now they were reminiscing the past, willingly.

OK, balik masak (let’s go back & cook it)

Once make-up done, we headed towards the venue. I offered to drive the bride & groom all the way since the head clearance of the originally designated car was a little low for the newlyheads height and head decorations.

The newlyweds led the pack.

Contingent from Kuala Selangor…

OK, sit down first. Exhausted. Long journey that was.

To be continued…