I am planned to go offshore for Alarm Management System (AMS) tie-in.

Before that I had to drop by the office to pick up some stuff before heading out there.

My brothers and sisters came along. It was actually also a trip to send CB to Banting.

Snapshot in the pantry. Nice, eyh?

And off I went to the faraway land in the middle of the ocean.

It took a fews days to get this baby up. ODBC wasn’t as straight forward. And I have not gone through any formal training for it. But the expectation was to hack your way through it. As usual.

Lucky for me, I managed to pull together the team anyway. I continued to inspire and listen. Eventually every individual carried out their designated tasks and I also learned a thing or two about Alarm Management.

As always, I roped in as many as possible to introduce the system and let the team demonstrated how beneficial it could be to the operation beyond the manual process that we were using.

Once that’s done, we still couldn’t get out yet. The chopper services were basically bottlenecked – some pilots have resigned and joined another chopper services company. In between, while waiting for our ride, we did small conferences between us controls-systems engineers and had a few multiplayer-gaming session, heheh.

Finally, we all traveled out on the 20th after 3 days bounced over the weekend.