In the last few weeks, I was very much infatuated with “Mentarang” (a type of freshwater mollusks, Mollusca Bivalvia?). The feeling of the mouth fulfilled with it was simply amazing. I couldn’t believe I never came across such delicacy before (yeah, I’m that naïve).

But dad was skeptical of consuming Mentarang. He said that its heavy metal content is too high for regular consumption. Oops. OK. So I better step back a little bit.

It all started during KNgah’s event. Apparently one of the neighbors there, Aunt Nisah, knows the right sources and in between the main events served it to the organizing staff of KNgah’s wedding. It was scrumptious!

Normally you can get Mentarang for about RM6 to RM7 per kilo at the stalls alongside the road from Sabak Bernam to K.Selangor. The commercial ones can go as high as rm12/kg I heard at the recent MAEPS Expo. But the right sources sold to us at RM2 to RM3 per kilo!

So I loaded several kilos home and enjoyed these heavy metals right from the pot! OK, just kidding. Proportionate meal size… and got others to enjoy Mentarang too. Sharing is caring 🙂