I am brainstorming for my next line of audio system, which will supersede my JVC-JBL 6.1 combination. It’s about time that those 110VAC power hungry, transformer-requiring devices be rolled out of use. Bought in 2004, they’re reaching 7 years old but still running strong. Which means, this succession plan is not as soon as next year but perhaps for few more years down the road.

I am interested in great sounds and excellent music. My favorite genre is jazz, although, my music collection covers “recognizable” songs of all genres, even the classics. So I am going to spend a little bit of time researching the best ones out there. BOSE is in a class of its own, but Bowers & Wilkins seems to spark a deep interest in me.

Fez suggested this: MM-1

Award-winning? I am interested!

Please share your experiences with BOSEBowers & Wilkins audio system. Anything would be helpful.