Monday 10
I no longer listen to Business FM. Boyish Forty-something Millionaire? Get out of here. I gave comments on something that I have least experience of and they went, “Hey look at this character!” rather than focusing on my content. So was baby-hatch necessary? I said, why do we talk about something that’s late in the game? In the short term, yes, it might help, but it’s not resolving the current issue for the longer term. By the time you need baby hatch, it’s too late! I made an analogy of a person seeing cars driving off a cliff and he/she calls paramedics to the bottom of the cliff – instead of going up there and stopping the cars.

But they didn’t listen. So I stop listening.

Tuesday 11
My successor was like he was out the loop all this while. What the… ? Unfair, why was I roped back in again? Perhaps I wasn’t blessed with a successor early enough. History repeats. And the guy who actually gets things done are the victims. Astro installer also failed big time today – just now they confirmed that I couldn’t use the main building satellite for HD? And I have to pay again for installer to install a different dish? I am rooting for TM‘s HyppTV now.

Wednesday 12
Sunway Tower – a discussion with one of our consultants on some Safety Valve control panel. I bumped into my former supervisor, Qadir and caught up with! That was the highlight of the day.

Thursday 13
The third interview & fourth interviewer. The story & positions have changed quite a bit. In the afternoon, I kicked off the charter quite successfully, I think. Let it run.

Friday 14
Attended AM meeting, my update was brief. SSW (short-service worker) management was the hot topic. I met up with some Honeywell folks to give them some background & some outlook on the fleet management forward. Ran into a former senior engineer: Johan. Nice! But Astro was terrible. I called them up about the HD disk and they asked for another RM80. Ding.

Joined a quick dinner at Chop & Steak. Yey. Haha, look at Adik’s smirk.

Saturday 15
The Astro installer didn’t show up on appointment. Horrible.

Sunday 16
Bought Smallto pants for dad, I was at Alamanda with Alya & CB. Rushed home for the installer to erect the HD disk. Lost RM80. Hish.