Monday 17
Sent dad to KLIA, reached office a bit later than usual. At noon, we visited Nik & Lina’s newborn. It was nice to catch up with old friends. But it wasn’t nice that nobody replied my E-mail.

Tuesday 18
Had a quick bite at Aquaria foodcourt, somehow Nizam, Richard & I ended up on the same table. We talked about technological update a little. Apparently Nizam is pro-AMD. It’s been quite a productive day too. PRW agreed on 25th kick-off meeting.

Wednesday 19
Day off! But quite a lot of things happened:
– Developed pictures at Warta, photocopied certificates
– Traveled to Low Yat and purchased Passport AV.
– Prayed Zuhr at KLCC
– Attended another interview: I felt very much enticed – haven’t felt that for a while professionally
– Bumped into Najib upon interview completion
– Prayed Asr at Masjid As-Syakirin
– Dined at Kabab place with wife, Wahyu & parents
– Activated Astro PVR with Passport AV

Thursday 20
Took Thaipusam day off. Wife & I went to both Jusco & Alamanda. Heheh. Found a standby AD wallet. Purchased a properly sized Smallto for dad (the last one was too big). Wife cooked truly delicious masak lemak! 😉 slurp! By the way, this PVR feature is awesome! Improved time management for me, at least.

Friday 21
Traffic was heavier than usual, I was late to the AM meeting. Requested update and sent some questions to the earlier interviewer. Again, shouldn’t get too excited. Filled up timesheet for the very first time – confusing. Returned to Sg. Merab home but there was nobody around. Returned back, picked up my wife, we both went to Kabab place & then returned to Sg. Merab home.

Saturday 22
Sent wife to work and then dad to Cheras alongside my brothers & sister. We played bowling at Mines afterwards. Watched Kungfu Dunk again & tried out Rovio’s Angry Bird. It’s an awesome game! I visited the hospital, brought dinner for wife who was on call. Hm, come to think of it – I frequent the hospital, but visiting the doctor, not the patient.

Sunday 23
Intan returned at noon. Went to Cheras for dinner, apparently they had a legacy meeting earlier. Picked up mother (Ibu) & returned home.