Monday 24
Had quick breakfast with usual crew. Handover meetings with oncoming personnel. I was about to settle some banking stuff but CIMB system was totally down. Wahyu, her mother & aunts came over.

Tuesday 25
Traveled to Kerteh via Subang for a kickoff meeting with PRW consultant team. The luggage like briefcase was awesome! Sat for breakfast with PIC & supervisors at the airport. Had lunch with Kufrawy and bumped into Ansar. I don’t think he remembers me well. I entered in his phone number and gave him a miscall. After about an hour, he called back asking, “Who is this?”

Wednesday 26
Work in projects creep up. Helping out the change management again? Not very fun. Discussed in lengths with former & current colleagues about opportunities and job market, respectively. Insurance marketing over lunch. The usual offerings. *Yawn*. As I returned home, Wahyu & her mother dropped by for a while. They must have left something from the other day. Wahyu’s mother had returned from Terengganu via KLIA & ERL with some souvenirs for us.

Thursday 27
Security RA with PI & alarm management project engineers. Pelita Lunch with former reservoir engineer colleague and current colleagues. Returned home to see Ibu locked out. Later in the evening, we all went to Yummies Bakery and had dinner at Abdullah Chan restaurant.

Friday 28
AM meeting. Shared something on change management.

January birthday feast.

Received the first comprehensive offer: dumbstruck by the figures. BBQ event, yey!. Shared the offer story but I didn’t get much response. O_0 hm. Returned home. Exhausted.

Skillful chef.

Don’t be distracted by Ashbi’s headwear. Just eat.

Hey, another year! And a reminder of another year less…

Afiefah enjoyed her meal the most! Hehe.

Saturday 29
Minor car service at Man’s. Escalated Supreme Commander to CB. Traveled to KS and attended a wedding ceremony – the daughter of one of Ibu’s friends.

Sunday 30
Started the day late. Dad had traveled back via KLIA. Alya, Ashbi & Adik dropped by, with KFC. Wife made macaroni pasta. We watched Spy Kids together. LOL.