Monday 31
Conducted a mega-meeting with regards to the multiple sites Fire & Gas system upgrade. Decided to go back to Terengganu with my brothers & sisters tomorrow. This time I received a mindful offer from the other interview. The T&C wasn’t as attractive as I had expected. Hm… am I expecting too much?

Tuesday 1
Brought Domino‘s lunch for Intan who’s on-call tonight. Returned to Sg. Merab and awaited Muzani’s return from fetching CB. Departed through the east coast, stopped by Gambang and reached Pengkalan Arang by 11:05PM.

Wednesday 2
Early in the morning, I responded to both the comprehensive and mindful offer. Let’s see what they say about my replies. We all had breakfast at the stall next to Shell‘s station. A quick one.

Near Batu Enam: Pulut. Nasi Lemak, Teh Tarik.

Visited Tuk Jembal’s construction site, chatted with Teh Muni’s construction team, and had drinks at Cik Lela’s.

Marking & stringing done. This is going to be our home in Terengganu – the degree of which would depend on how congested it is back home. Terengganu is super-congested these days!

We goofed around and snapped this picture. Men vs. wild. I know, I know, two things in the background gave it away.

Dad escaped office, came by Tuk Jembal, and we all had lunch at Nasi Kukus Alias. Visited Cik De Hah, Teh Ani’s, Cik’s and mom’s tomb. T_T Visited Tuk.

Men vs. food. Dinner at Ikan Bakar Kuala Ibai.

Thursday 3
Went to Manir with dad to grab some breakfast. Began traveling back, stopped by at Losong first for Keropok. Went through Jabor – we all had lunch at Temerloh. Arrived home at about 3pm. Exhausted.

Friday 4
Waited outside the door one too many times. Small thing actually but somehow blown out of proportion. Prayed at Masjid Besi. Went to Tesco, had dinner at Tarbush, and visited Angah at Ampang Puteri who just gave birth to third baby girl, Zara.

Saturday 5
Dad left at about 4 plus. Dinner at Kabab house.

Sunday 6
CNY break’s over. Sent CB to Banting.