Monday 7
Took a Monday off to help with Ashbi’s registration at ASIS. It went quite well. I’m going to detail it out in a dedicated post.

Tuesday 8
Checked in Mac Mini for the optical drive replacement. It stopped working. I think somebody had lodged some coins in it, but nothing came out. Canceled the Amex that Maybank accidentally issued to me. What a nuisance that was. Went for a little shopping but not for any sort of therapy. Bought some hazelnut coffee sachets, Chips Ahoy, & Grandos Mocha.

Wednesday 9
Department Away Day. Wore bright red t-shirt. Thin layer… felt cold. The team events were either treasure-hunting or bowling. I went for the latter. But I didn’t bowl very well. The guy I substituted half-way through the game won something though. The bus was super slow. Irritating. Returned home, fetched wife, and attended the dinner. Good food. Lamb steaks and rosemary sauce… hm, hm.

Thursday 10
Normal working day. Gave guidance to newer engineers (E, H, T, Y), etc2. Oh, my. It’s like I never left Surf Tech. Had mingling sessions with Ray & Byron. Went through Global Project Management (GPM) roadmap. Shortage of oil & gas professional workforce in the global scale? Yes. Same amount of pay? That would be a yes too. Then the brownfield team presented. Too bad I didn’t get the chance to present. But I didn’t worry all that much. New opportunities will rise.

Friday 11
Pushed some money into CIMB. Picked up medical checkup report.. Cholesterol still high. Dang. Dietary regime? That’s very hard >_< Lunch with the normal crew. Returned to home, Sg. Merab. Listened to Ashbi’s political conundrum – the general disease of jealousy.

Saturday 12
Regime starts. O_O I’m trying. Sent Intan to hospital, she’s on-call. I totally missed Nizam’s wedding. I was sending dad to Cheras.

Sunday 13
Picked up Intan at noon and then sent Ashbi to ASIS. Hope he’s going to be fine.