Monday 14
I had lunch at Burger King with Najib & GG. GG seemed very frustrated. In the afternoon, I was much held up by system security RA with TUM/MII.

Tuesday 15
Taking Maulidur-Rasul off (S.A.W., Peace Be Upon Him). I spent some time at home before heading to Sg.Merab home. Picked up wife and went to Berjaya Time Square. We canceled the DIGI BlackBerry plan & had lunch at Kenny Rogers. I bought Sony Ericsson Hazel for my sweetheart :). Paid Ashbi a visit afterwards.

Wednesday 16
Putrajaya was jam-packed! Started off late at 7.30 and could only reached the toll by 8. Dang. The entire precinct 7,9 & 11 were rushing towards Precinct 2 through the same route. I conducted a meeting with Honeywell, PRW consultant & the IT-communication team. More issues with Engineer Surveillance plan & electrical drawings reviews. Returned to Sg. Merab home and passed down the BlackBerry Bold 9700 to Alya. Went to KLIA with Muzaniza & Adik to pick up dad.

Thursday 17
This recent requirement to get some temporary workers offshore is unbelievable! I personally think that it’s basically paper/checklist trying to replace attention to details (which would actually lead to safety) Had 3 bananas for lunch. (Yeah, it’s better than peanuts) The offer letter was finally ready. Wow, that was fast. I walked across the park to pick it up. Felt good about the offer. Prepared a resignation letter for tomorrow.

Friday 18
I tendered my resignation letter after the group meeting. There was a small ruckus going on, bosses walked into my office, requesting to reconsider.

Returned to Sg. Merab home. KakLong came over. Played Monopoly with Adik & Arifah.

*The other offer called again. They offered permanent role now instead of contract. I called up my former senior about the current offer in hand. Phew. I feel like I am highly demanded. That’s good, isn’t it?

Saturday 19
Woke up later than usual. Picked up Ibu & headed back to KS. Had a terrible headache. I even cried through prayer.

Sunday 20
I dreamed of mom. She asked me to visit my little brothers T_T Wife & I attended K.Nazreen’s wedding. I went to pick up CB and visited Ashbi afterwards.