Monday 21
I gave my final answer to the management: I am sticking with my decision last Friday. But it didn’t feel good at all. It felt as if I just fired someone. To soothe things down a bit, I called up dad & wife for support.

At noon, I had lunch with my former senior. He promised me that the future will be much better even if it’s by a margin less than expected. The proof was: he already went through it. So I believed that. My prayer for some enlightenment was answered when I bumped into Amin on the way back to office, another former senior who had also left the company. Amin also gave me the assurance that it’s a much better path forward.

So He guided me in a mysterious way, and of course in All-Caring & Loving manner. All praise is due to Allah.

On the same note, I also declined the earlier job offer. I’m sorry. The path branched into three and I could only pick one.

Tuesday 22
Somethings’ gone awry with the earlier offer: they insisted on hiring me! Apparently the hiring manager immediately called up the VP for additional salary increment approval and they wanted to talk to me about it even from last night. But the HR personnel only called me in the morning. I still politely declined because of the surprises. I couldn’t help but feel bad since I had earlier signaled a strong intention to join up. If it weren’t for surprises, I definitely would’ve signed the acceptance letter already.

Had Java Noodle lunch with the normal crew at Menara UOA base. Prior to lunch time, I actually bumped into my former boss who asked, “What happened to you?” to which I replied, “well, this happened to everybody else.. as well… ?” with a little bit of uncertainty in my tone. I’m just not good at one-liners.

Much later in the evening, Adik & Alya came to return my clip-on sunglasses which I left at Sg. Merab. Thank you!

Wednesday 23
So the offshore trip was deferred. I had lunch with Syed @L2 Suria KLCC. We made a short stop at Machines to update ourselves on everything Apple.

I spent close to 2 hours describing to my former technical advisor every little detail about my movement. He deserves to know. It rained so I went back a little later than usual. Had dinner at KR and brought some for my wife who was on-call. Returned to Sg. Merab for the night.

Thursday 24
Ashbi has been calling me several times about the Do’s and Don’ts with regards to joining the debate team. Several times I had to give lengthy explanations over the phone. He just needs some time to adjust to making decisions all by himself. Progressed much of the work I had committed before I handed in my resignation. I’m surprised by how much I accomplished recently. I thought I would be totally slowing down already! No, I’m a professional. I will deliver as committed. Plenty of paperwork for the offshore trip were cleared.

On the way leaving the building, my current senior next door had directly leaked the news to another former boss right in front of both of us, during which I didn’t have much time to explain myself. Awkward. Returning home, I learned from my wife that I had left the door unlocked yesterday. Clumsy me!

Agreed to attend ASAS dinner – wired some money to ASAS (initials). Returned to Sg. Merab for a while but dad’s flight had been delayed so I returned to Putrajaya. Prepared some safety sharing presentation slides.

Friday 25
I presented the safety sharing very well, I think. My presentation was, as usual, different than most. But I was pushed slightly afterwards, during the morning meeting, due to some deliverables that I was expected to deliver earlier. That didn’t feel good. Hey, I was just trying to help. It’s not supposed to be that bad.

Had lunch with one of the senior rotating equipment engineers. Afternoon went by pretty fast. One of the five messaged me to ask what happened – I offered to explain things much later. Both wife & I went for a quick Kueh Teow dinner at the food court.

Saturday 26
Went to Sg. Merab, then visited Ashbi. With CB I returned to Putrajaya to grab some bags & the oath document. In the evening, I attended the ASAS dinner. It wasn’t in Shangri-La Putrajaya, but in Shangri-La Jln Sultan Ismail instead! My bad, I naturally thought that they would’ve done it closer to current SAS, which is in Putrajaya. It was a great event. I chatted with seniors, super-seniors, juniors, teachers, dad’s peers, and so on.

With former fellow SASsians… (Jibo, Matpet (ASAS), Quddus, Fariz)

With senior Bad and super senior the original Stone (Husni).

Sunday 27
Woke up later than usual. Dad already left by flight in the morning. I couldn’t join the visit to ASIS. Had to prepare for offshore trip tomorrow…