Monday 28
I woke up very early & packed for my trip to offshore. Traveled to GuD with Hia, Yusrul & the PRW engineers. GuD-E is such a nice place. Wish it was my second home at work. Chow was around for PI project execution.

Tuesday 1
Took the boat to Tabu-B. Had quite a conservation with Douglas. We finished the survey quite early and waited for the boat back.

Wednesday 2
Took the boat to Tabu-A. Soffi was in charge. He was quite adamant in asking me to stay overnight. I couldn’t because I had to accompany these temporary workers who came along with me. Yusrul wasn’t feeling well. He’s going to leave to onshore tomorrow.

No spaghetti wiring please…

Thursday 3
PaA turn. With Hia. Yusrul was booked to go out. Zainuddin was in charge. KakYa called. I had to clear some of this paperwork. Briefly met Sabri Md Amin during boat transfer. Booked the boat to go to GuC tomorrow. The survey work is going quite well. Weather has been good.

Friday 4
No person in charge at GuC so we went to GuB instead. Nizam & Yana (crane operator) were there. GuC was superbly clean. I worked on Engineering surveillance charter a lot more. Control room was also good looking. Wiring was nice. Hia still couldn’t travel back.

Saturday 5
GuB turn. We swung the rope with Fariz. GuB was also as beautiful. Later in the evening, some of us had a quick LED screen showdown. MacBook Pro wins. Hia finally traveled out.

Yes, it’s not a secret: this is my productivity work-horse. Zero time spent on defragmenting, viruses, malwares and whatnot. The computer just runs.

Sunday 6
Stayed at GuD. Chatted with Rafiq & Shidi. Nubli already left. Hj. Zakri came over – we had very meaningful discussions with regards to communication.

My final moments here… aah, I’m going miss the good times & experience.