Monday 7
We traveled to GuA. Ahh. My second home at work for several years. Fond memories. Hj. Zakri, again, delayed his trip to GuD so we could talk about GuA scope. I spent time listening to the operations folks. Work and personal stories. All 1001 of them. My former counterpart could fly back for the away day. Lucky. I would’ve been directed to stay on until completion.

Tuesday 8
It was a calm morning. I shook many hands. Managed to meet up with Hj. Nasir just for a short while on the way up to the heli-deck. Chatted with Fariz & Muthu while waiting for the Firefly. Tuan Syed was like the only one who actually spoke to me prior to boarding the plane. Good to know this gentleman. Very easy-going & humble. Shahrin fetched me at the airport and sent me home.

Wednesday 9
Fully resting after 8 days offshore. Zzz.

Thursday 10
Couldn’t find my shoes. Back to office. I tested the engineering surveillance  charter with the boss. Looks OK in general but needs a little tweaking and testing with the project engineers themselves. As the day ended, I headed to Masjid Besi and joined up Alya, Adik & K.Ngah who visited this obelisk. We had dinner at Ice room. Stressed out a little. Checked out office chair next door: RM268. Dang. Returned to Sg. Merab home and found my shoes – I left them.

Another obelisk. I told ya.

Friday 11
I attended my final group meeting. Went swiftly. I said something firmly that I kept getting “the look” that some of the team members gave for some sort of verification every time they said something related. That seems to be the formula here, in my humble observation: shows the full confidence first & cope up / mitigate later. Which I actually have problem with: whoever speaks the loudest wins. That’s probably not intended but it happens?

Prior to lunch, I had an 1-on-1 with K.Ana and gave her an exclusive to what happened. Well, the closed ones deserve to know. Had lunch with the normal crew at Darby Park. It rained… on my last Friday.

Earlier, K.Ngah gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Notified Ibu immediately.

Saturday 12
Returned to Sg. Merab home. I bought flight tickets for dad, Ashbi & Adik to return from Terengganu. They departed to Terengganu with Muzani & Niza. Have a safe trip!

Sunday 13
Started off at 7. Went and pick up CB at Banting. Cleaned up the room for Ibu to stay.