Arrived very early at 7. Conducted the workshop. With plenty of handover. It was cut short because the admin didn’t order food, even though it was clear as day that the meeting was going to exceed 2 hours. That’s OK. Now I learn that some people are less professional than others. Although my future here is no more, I’m not the one who drops the commitment. Other people did.

Earlier by a day, the Subsurface team threw a farewell lunch at Madame Kwan. Good company. My stories were followed by a little wows & laughs. It’s all good. If the stories were fabulous, they might have learned a thing or two. But if they were horrible, well, at least that would be the last of my stories that they ever had to listen to.

Then we all attended the employee forum. Same kind of questions. Same kind of answers. Somebody needs to turn this around a little bit. I wouldn’t have the chance already – I’m leaving.

Returned home immediately and then straight to Sg. Merab. Water supply in Putrajaya was cut off for some pipe works.

2007 was the most difficult year for me when I became the most senior at my discipline at the working level, but I persevered (barely survived…)