First day without a job! I am jobless. Yes. Plenty of laundry work. Went to Friday prayer with Abg Ngah. Ayoh, Adik & Alya had gone to pick up CB, Friday prayer, lunch at Banting.

Dropped off Ibu & Intan at Yummies Bakery while I baby-sitted these kids at the Ice Room. We went to Warta (Bangi Utama) & bumped into dad & co.

I divided them into two groups and played a few games! Munief & Arifah made up the Mango team. Afiefah & Aidah were the Strawberry team.

Ibu & Intan made bakso. Sent Ibu to Cheras & we went to Pak Usu’s in Keramat. Hafiz’s engagement is tomorrow. Dinner: Mak Usu’s Asam Pedas!