Dad, Intan & I had breakfast & chatted with Tok Ngoh Mah. As we were about to leave, Tok Ngoh Mah said the Nasi Dagang breakfast was free. Very kind of her!

The morning place for meal that day…

It had rained. Intan & I visited CikDe Hah, CikDe Zu & later back to Pengkalan Arang to refresh.

At Cik De Zu’s… Nani, my cousin, was recently engaged.

Dad mentioned that the most recent craziness in Terengganu right now is the popping up of 7-Eleven stores like mushrooms after the rain!

Then we visited Cik’s, mom’s grave, and then Tuk’s. Tuk wasn’t feeling well. We were very concerned.

Mother. I love you so very much. I hope I was a son enough to your expectation. I’m sorry, mom, if I wasn’t. I pray for your well-being in my every prayer. T_T Ya Allah, please forgive her.