We had breakfast at Warung Makteh. The Kerabu was decent. Then off to Pasar Kedai Payang. We bought some goodies, baju kelawar, keropok sira, some mangoes, samping songket, and so on.

Then we paid dad a visit. His office was spacious. We also had lunch with him at the cafeteria.

Wow, I’d be happy to get an office this big.

Before departing to KL, we dropped by Tuk’s again to say goodbyes. She seemed better after a night’s rest.

The weather seemed nice. Stopped by at Geliga for nature’s call, Kuala Kemaman for Otak-otak, Gambang for fuel & Genting Sempah for dinner. Reached Sg. Merab at about 9PM and then returned to Putrajaya.

Exhausted but very much contented. That was a good trip.