A few years ago, I wrote this during one of the company’s team-building:


1. Must communicate across (vendor, specs, supervisor, senior engr, PODCO, ALT, process/papework). Work it around!
– challenge: time, tight schedule
– how? allocate time & approach

2. Be active. Pro-active. Actively chase the end of issues
– challenge: priorities, issues stacking up
– how? prioritize, list out the work

3. Find out more. Be technically savvy. Learn more
– challenge: logistics, piling stuff at office
– how? more site visits, tag along with senior & advisor

4. Attend morning meeting
– challenge: to clear uptime, traffic jam, morning call from office
– how? start early, tag along with other engr

“I will pro-actively prioritize my work and actively seek help for stuff beyond my controls.”


1. Add network. Keep in touch with old friends / PhD / Business Opportunities

Top 5 Challenges (Local)
1. Not prepared for complexity (no more development work).
– facilities has to be up more
– no more spare compressors
2. Unit Cost management – too critical in reducing Operational Expenditure (Opex) – we try to spend less money in operating
3. Attrition (losing expertise) – we lost good people
4. Maintenance (older facilities) – we don’t follow anymore
5. Procurement (buying takes longer time)

Comparing those days with today, after becoming maturer and wiser: there’s only one thing I can point out: some issues simply never get old.