I spent all day in Sg. Merab home with dad, helping him with data-retrieving software called Stellar Phoenix but to no avail. A different software I needed to find.

In a separate occasion, I gave dad my Seiko kinetic watch. Or was it an Automatic watch that dad had expected? I don’t know. I know I’m not as well versed with watch terms. I’m only secretly hoping that I’ll find a cool counter-clockwise watch one day.

Earlier I was at Bangi Utama for breakfast. I was in fact too early that the ATM was still off. I deposited RM100 each into mine & my wife’s TH account anyway to update our balances.

Then I returned to Putrajaya to grab the phone and additional Seiko watch band. Helped ayoh to the automatic phone. (I couldn’t figure out why I wrote “automatic phone” and what it actually means. Shucks. This is the peril of not blogging in real-time.)

K.Ngah still at the hospital. Hasief was admitted to neo-natal ICU for a mysterious Fever. Hopefully he gets well in no time.