What’s funny to one person, may not be funny to another. Why?

Let me share a little bit about my kind of humor. I don’t know about you… but I will never get enough of good jokes and laughs. Here is how I rate them in my books:

From the Funniest to the Least:
1. Whose Line Is It Anyway? (improvisation, witty, wide variety of references)
2. Conan O’brien (mocking but in a brilliant way)
3. Jon Stewart (brilliant, daring questions)
4. Seinfeld, Russell Peters (close to reality)
5. Ricky Gervais (brilliantly condescending, new kind of way to bring out the truth)
6. Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and the whole Blue-Collar comedy gang (reality)
7. Billy Crystal & Robin Williams (variety of references, relatable)
8. Steve Jobs (during keynotes), Chris Rock (surprises, witty remarks)
9. Barack Obama (occasionally, in speeches, witty remarks)
10. David Letterman (relatable remarks, needs to be wittier & quicker)
11. Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker (credit to presentation, lack contents)
12.Jim Carey (talented with presentation, lack contents)
13.Jay Leno (not funny compared to the funny ones)

I think improv is the greatest level of comedy. Hands down. You can’t be any quicker, and more unpredictable than these guys.

From Not Funny to Boring:
1. SNL, skids (stereotyping, mocking in a stupid way)
2. Collegehumor (hypothetical situation, exaggeration)
3. Sitcoms (exaggeration, unreal, hypothetical situation)
4. Monty python (dry, nothing to relate to)
5. South park (again, exaggeration, spoofs)
6. Spoofs, chick flick movies (exaggeration, stereotyping)
7. Bill Gates/Zuckerberg (too much coding, hehe.!)

So, what’s funny to you? Do share.