So it’s time for our Honeymoon number X (I lost track, hehe). We departed right before noon.

Somehow Bukit Tinggi resort has been turned into Berjaya Hills Resort. My memories resurfaced. I remember spending time on a short trip here many years ago right after returning from the US. But my memories are already vague. The recollection was in a form of manual websites, you know, before I began web-logging.

It was June 2005. I can’t recall how many of us were here actually.

Then, CB was only half his size today. Hehehe.

The place we checked into, Colmar Tropicale, looked very familiar. Yeah, I think we detoured here to check out the places then. It’s been 6 years. Now, my wife & I actually checked into Colmar Tropicale. We also visited the Japanese Tea House and took plenty of pictures.

Here in Berjaya Hills Resort.

Awesome: the first Japanese Tea House in a tropical jungle.

I knew it… the guy in the background was stalking us!

Beautiful roses.

Last time, we ate Sushi there. But this time, I wasn’t that interested.

Anyway, it was a good walk, seeing the nature. Subhanallah.