The next day, we visited Colmar Tropicale’s organic farm nearby. It was a gorgeous morning. The weather was superb. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking…

All natural. Fresh from the ground up.

That’s how you tell how natural the fresh vegetables are: there are holes in them. Insects don’t back down from uncontaminated plants.

Attempt to grow normal blackberries in a different geography. Pretty close.

Yes, it shouldn’t be a surprise that manure was used as the fertilizer.

Workers were from Nepal and Bangladesh I think.


The organic farm was vast and I bet, profitable.

As you approach the farm, it would’ve looked something like this from the side of the road.

Hmm, we visited fresh vegetables today. : ) 

More naturally grown vegetables. Awesome.

Lady finger: RM12 per kilogram. Long bean: RM10 per kilogram.

We returned back to Colmar Tropicale for one last walk. Some Water Treatment companies were having their team-building.

View from the top of the watch tower.

OK, yeah, I gained some weight.

So that was quite a trip. Most certainly good to be local tourist every once in a while. But more importantly, it’s good to step away from the world and spend quiet time with loved ones. We all should do that often.

I’d say that I completely turned over a leaf inside my head. After straight years of working without true focus, I’m excited with the new prospect. Hey, who knows where it will take me? I won’t know until I give it a try, right?