Departed after Subuh. Drove to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) right away and missed the formerly STAR-LRT train by a hair. So I took the next one. It was a fairly smooth ride still. Ran into former colleagues on the way to my new office and exchanged some news. Parted ways in the middle Suria because I was headed for Tower 2 instead. Heheh.

It was still early. I arrived at 68th floor and texted the senior recruitment executive who recruited me. No answer. Must’ve been busy. Three other executives joined me up in reporting for duty. An HR executive welcomed us. She snapped our picture (for company ID and announcement picture purposes) and then showed us around. My new engineering manager saw me and brought me to Aziz, my immediate superior. He introduced me around and ensured I got what I needed to get started.

I got almost everything on the first day, door access, e-mail, new company ID card, everything but the Tower 2 access card. Had a quick lunch with Najib. My neighbors are Amin & Azrin, the electrical engineers. Returned home. Best first day at work ever. Not that I get many first days at work though.

A new journey begins.