Bought daily ticket again. I asked the ERL frontdesk staff about the weekly or the monthly pass: does it decrement by the number of trips or simply time expiry? The answer: it’s by time expiry and not by the number of trips. Hey hey, free money for Express Rail Link Sdn. Bhd.!

I straight away headed to JW Marriott for the company’s Harrassment Free Policy training. Met interesting characters. I think I did quite well. People kept asking about my accent. Made quite an impression.

Made it back to the Apartment where a farewell feast event was held & relayed my boss’ farewell speech for the departing manager, George. At the time of me joining this new organization, the production operations manager role changes hands.

Note: The last time Intrakota kept on swallowing money from commuters (sets fare to be 0.90 and refuses to return 0.10 whenever RM1.00 is deposited), the CEO was killed in a helicopter crash.