So we attended Ashbi’s Majlis Kerdipan Bintang (loosely translated to Sparkling Stars ceremony)

First of all, I don’t get it why the teachers wore paddle-pop colored clothes. My theory remains: the less colored your accessories are, the higher your mentality. Don’t get me wrong: one may choose a different color than another, that’s diversity. No issue. But too many colors in one person is just plain… wrong*.

My brother Ashbihani is definitely an excellent student, capable of outreach and creative thoughts. Continue on your hunger for knowledge, my brother, and you will be well on your way.


Dad had gone there earlier. And it was easy to spot him: he’s the only white-haired individual among the crowd. He’s smiling as he saw our SMS about that. 😀

* Just to prove a point: why do you think the clown puts more colors on him? Trying to say, “don’t take me seriously…”, right?

But looks can be deceiving. The guy in a suit can also be a clown underneath. Don’t judge the book by its cover – but the cover does give you a good first impression that last, but maybe not the overall judgment of its value.

Day log:

We ate at Kedai Yus afterwards. Harvested some Rambutans from our backyard. TA multiplayer trials: awesome!