Started off early. Ticket still valid (use right before the expiry date!). So that’s the trick. Use the ticket right before the actual 7-day clock ends i.e. if a ticket is bought on 4th January 7:00 AM, the ticket is still usable if you get in on Jan 11 at 6:59AM!

I had my first interface with operations. Lots of items! That was the first impression I had in my mind that thought this: “oops, is this the right company to join?

Lunch farewell for Sasi, the head of Mechanical Engineering. We had Nasi Padang at Puti Bungsu. Great food.

I was locked out while getting laptop from the back seat. Oops! And it rained. With just a sarong, I went to hospital to get the home key. Haha.

Still feels good. Password protection works!