Third day of RCM. Ugh. Stomach was really full.

Slightly offended today when the instructor mistook my question. He didn’t take it objectively.

I said, “So depending on someone’s familiarity…” to which he replied: “Don’t tell me you’re not familiar with your equipment?” He started to look at the most senior guys in the room & asked that question… what the hell? I was merely asking how much would the RCM workshop result vary based on the participants familiarity with the equipments? In other words, would someone with one year experience in operating the equipment be sufficient? Would we then prefer at least 2? What about 5 years?

Left the training at noon. Canceled meeting with Ashraf and returned home. Wife & I went to LHDN Perhentian Kajang for online tax return registration, then to Jusco Equine Park: shopped for new pants, shirts, boxer briefs, socks, steamer iron & gifts for Alya & Fariq…

Pretty cool stuff. Philips steamer iron.