Ugh. Lazy. Didn’t want to go to work! Bought new ticket and just in time for the train. 5 seconds later and I would’ve missed it. Earlier, the Kancil couldn’t start so I turned back, picked up Intan and sent her to the hospital.

Breakfast with Najib. Deposited some money into RHB. Had lunch with CK & Firdaus… somehow bumped into Torsten & Tom while exiting the lunch place. CK & Firdaus wanted to meet Aziz & Amin so I showed them around.

Today was all about SIL assessment. I had a lengthy discussion about it with my boss.

– Weighed on Karada Scan: my body age = 44. Dang.

44 years old.

– Returned to Sg. Merab. Somebody posted every minute status on FB. Highly annoying.
– Spoke to CB & Alya about some educational stuff. I think it was about the danger of boarding school or something (spoon feeding, etc.)