I was late a little because I was searching for my thumb drive. Couldn’t find it. I also accidentally left my phone so I had to turn back upstairs (we live at the top floor). Sent Intan to hospital and arrived at the train station just in time.

As soon as I arrived at the office I was digging here and there for the thumb drive but still couldn’t find it. Ugh. Nooo… I’ve lost 8GB of valuable data.

So today I worked on Venturi meters. Azmi also helped. Had lunch at Darby Park with Syed, Khairus, Najib & all. Found out about more overseas trip by some colleagues. Dang. Maybe my turn will come 🙂

Returned to Putrajaya. Brought DSLR camera and dad’s Suave pants to Sg. Merab. Alya changed her mind about using DSLR.

Returned at 10PM to pick up wife. Apparently Sue & Albi were around so we grabbed a quick drink at the Precinct 9 food court.

Hey, not ready yet.

OK! 🙂