Woke up early for sahur.

In the morning, suddenly chief asked me to become an interviewer 15 minutes before the session. “Bidan terjun” and so I interviewed the technician. He seemed proficient. Officially that was my first experience in interviewing. Pretty good.

Attended the Process Embedment talk (SAP stuff). Got to know Lukman, the head of IT. I was fasting – so I was incredibly sleepy. Somehow managed to go through Matrikon demo/training as well afterwards.

I take Alarm Management as my subject matter. Matrikon is one of products utilized to manage alarms in industrial plants.

Suddenly Azrin called about a contracting paper to be presented to the committee. The actual colleague in charge of that was on emergency leave. But I wasn’t prepared. But he took care of it. Good man!

Returned home a bit late.