When Apple claimed “we love music” as they first introduced the iPod, little did we know an underlining strategy behind the new Apple.


A crude plot of Apple products by weight. Static computing to mobile computing.

From Macs to iPods, a major defining moment in moving towards mobile device strategy is the load-shedding of weight and a carefully chosen function: playing music.

Although “playing music” has only a small fraction of correlation with computing, the idea that you can bring the entire collection in your pocket (such mobility!) was at the core of this new strategy. A tightly integrated hardware & software company can always add more functions later as demonstrated with the introduction of iPhone several years later.

Laptops for a while have been the standard bearers of “mobile computing” but perhaps they were not mobile enough. The next level of mobility was going to be “pocketable” device

It's not a new concept. Portable music players have been around for many years but they are certainly not usable enough and pocketable enough. Apple took the leap and focused on improving these 2 key elements.

I think I'll write about this (mobility) more & explore what the future will hold.

Mobility is roughly = f (function, weight, size, battery life)