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August 2015

I have been giving this a lot of thought: instead of web-logging about myself, which doesn’t exactly project a lot of value, (well, I do personally benefit in terms of recording a diary, but I am thinking about the benefits for everyone) perhaps I should focus on the topic of technology & usability instead.

Maybe I’m there.

There are plenty of things out there that are concocted and convoluted with a little bit of everything: layers and layers of complexity overshadowing our views and observations. Perhaps it’s time for that analysis. The not so obvious ones will come out. The subtle will be revealed.

Come and understand technology in a different way – in a perspective that we also understand ourselves a little better and connect with our values even more.

That sounds like a worthier way to spend some time on.



I notice that I actively wrote here up until March 2011. After that a few jolts in 2013 and after that — dead quiet.

I must admit Twitter has played a role in this. It’s definitely faster and easier to publish in a micro-blogging kind of way.

But here I am. I’m back! I must say I have to gauge my audience and the scopes of writing. Earlier today someone mentioned: you gotta share with us some oil &  gas stuff, man, or maybe safety. 

Cool. Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it.

So tell me about yourselves. And what would you prefer I write more about?

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