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I have been giving this a lot of thought: instead of web-logging about myself, which doesn’t exactly project a lot of value, (well, I do personally benefit in terms of recording a diary, but I am thinking about the benefits for everyone) perhaps I should focus on the topic of technology & usability instead.

Maybe I’m there.

There are plenty of things out there that are concocted and convoluted with a little bit of everything: layers and layers of complexity overshadowing our views and observations. Perhaps it’s time for that analysis. The not so obvious ones will come out. The subtle will be revealed.

Come and understand technology in a different way – in a perspective that we also understand ourselves a little better and connect with our values even more.

That sounds like a worthier way to spend some time on.


Cool Engineering Stuff

My work is indeed kinda cool.


Solar-powered transmitter.

We don’t exactly employ this on the platform yet but knowing such possibility is indeed awesome.

I am a technology buff. Hope one day I make it to technology management & engineering management.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he immediately recognized the possibility of reviving the struggling company: great engineers and engineering results around, but lousy engineering management.

Spot on.

Making a Come Back?

I have long wondered about going back to blogging. There are many ideas in my head that I need to record somewhere.

But fear from the past still haunts me. Perhaps I should make it a techno-blog rather than a personal blog. Then I won’t take things so personally.


At least 270 degrees views on things. Getting all 360 is difficult.

Besides, majority of my short, quick thoughts are recorded in Twitter (@zzeed). Blogs are for long thoughts. Would you even be interested in that?

The Week of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Managed to dash to the ERL station and checked in earlier than the 7-day expiry! Yeah! 1 ticket saved. I was also quite fortunate to sign up for free tickets to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

This week is the HSE week. Attended the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome talk. It was very informative. Received goodies that included Pedometer. I took flu vaccination as well. It happened fairly quickly. But I felt like I was going to get sick.

Earlier chief had asked me to attend CKA & CKB piping mishap with Subsurface. They seemed to blaming the Surface team for it. Not so fast.

There was a possible extension of tagging for this Ortho rotation. Quite a discussion with wife over it. I have absolutely no idea how difficult orthopedic is but it does sound quite hard at the moment. Hope the burden eases as time goes.

SAS 2000 versus ASIS 2011

Wesak Day off. Intan was on-call.

Picked up KakLong right before noon and we went to ASIS Cheras after Zuhr to re-create the 2000 picture.

Nieces & nephew enjoying themselves. 

We had a small picnic near the Tembusu camp. It’s no longer a camp, I think.

The gymnasium now has plenty of holes. Must be Silat Cekak’s doing. (Just kidding!) Hehe.

The field still looks good.

The basketball court is also still in a good shape.

A few generations of Alam Shah Cheras: Ahmad Ashbihani Mat (Asis 2011-2012), Ahmad Zidni Mat (SAS 1996-2000) and Mat Zakaria (SAS 1967-1970, the head boy of 1970). 

This was taken back in 2000. We attempted to re-create this picture. This was a few months before mom gave birth to our youngest brother Asrizalni.

Fast forward 11 years: CB is twice as big, Ashbi is twice as tall, Alya still sits straight like she did but with a lot more smile, dad’s hair has turned almost all white, I look like I have accelerated to middle-age,  Asri is in standard 5 of primary school, mom already passed away (T_T we miss you, mother), KakLong & KakNgah are wiser with 3 kids each, and Muzani looks much rougher and tougher. 

So here is the list of school staff that are still around compared to when I left the school by the end of 2000: Cikgu Rijaludin Che Mat, Cikgu Muhammad Arif Saniran, Cikgu Rohaiza Ramli, Ustaz Khiruddin Awang, and En. Bahari a.k.a. Pak Abu. Tn. Hj. Idrus is the principal but he’s retiring in 2011.

Anyway, it was a simple, quick family gathering. Great event. (In the picture, to Muzani’s right was Niza, his wife. My wife Intan was on-call so she couldn’t attend this… )

We left Asis quite late at about six. We departed first but somehow Muzani reached home first, since his Perdana is much faster than most Perdanas out there. Alya sent KakLong back to her home.

I spent the night at Sg. Merab. Exhausted.

Began Pondering Edmonton, Canada

Found the hardcopy career-progression tracking. Yey! That’s one of documents recovered after losing the thumb drive. Awesome.

The two other senior engineers were out so the boss & I backfilled the void for the day. We mostly talked about some Edmonton stuff when the senior process safety engineer, Shukra, introduced a newly joining process safety engineer. Process safety is a big thing at this company. That’s good.

Nice impression of Edmonton, Canada. Hope it’s as beautiful as in the picture.

I had lunch with Syed/Ikram/Najib at Wisma Sentral. Much later, ordered pizza for dinner. It had rained.

Oh, is it Teacher’s Day today? Well, nobody likes engineers. No Engineer’s Day.

Dinner at Red Wok

Departed & arrived normally. Had breakfast with Najib.

Called up Expro about this venturi meters. Filled up my first TRF (travel request form). My senior colleague is back. Amin was back yesterday. We chatted about our moms, who had passed away. His passed away recently. Al-Fatihah.

Anyway, I had lunch with Po-g, Kuchai & Raja. Raja is really the “got-nothing-to-lose” kind of guy. Interpreted that from his stories about his encounters at the office. My former office.

Afterwards: OIM (operating integrity module) meeting. The other lead from the other department was making stuff up! I let go “smarter” remarks to stamp on the bubbles. Confessed to the actual initiative lead about it & he agreed. Had a little bit of chat with chief Farid on the way home.

Had dinner at Red Wok with HO (house officer) friends. Returned to Sg. Merab. Ate some Pulut durian.

Red Wok, Bangi: pretty decent. Not up to my taste buds but an OK place for buffet. 🙂

First Time Being an Interviewer

Woke up early for sahur.

In the morning, suddenly chief asked me to become an interviewer 15 minutes before the session. “Bidan terjun” and so I interviewed the technician. He seemed proficient. Officially that was my first experience in interviewing. Pretty good.

Attended the Process Embedment talk (SAP stuff). Got to know Lukman, the head of IT. I was fasting – so I was incredibly sleepy. Somehow managed to go through Matrikon demo/training as well afterwards.

I take Alarm Management as my subject matter. Matrikon is one of products utilized to manage alarms in industrial plants.

Suddenly Azrin called about a contracting paper to be presented to the committee. The actual colleague in charge of that was on emergency leave. But I wasn’t prepared. But he took care of it. Good man!

Returned home a bit late.

Confirmation of Canadian Trip

Arrived later than planned. I spent some time relooking at the package and later reviewed the SIL package on time. It went just fine but I expected more of myself.

Played futsal at noon. Felt refreshed. Then I ate Kedai Mesra‘s Nasi Kukus for lunch. Not bad. Decent taste.

Saw chief’s nomination on Canada trip via e-mail: me! Wohoo! It’s official. I am going to Canada!

Had a small discussion with the measurement engineer. Signed up for FRIM walk. Then the senior rotating equipment engineer talked about his Cadillac Escalade ride later in the US. Dang. That’s quite a ride.

Missed the 5.35PM train! Ugh. I was late! Returned home. Dinner: Beriani kambing.

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