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Making a Come Back?

I have long wondered about going back to blogging. There are many ideas in my head that I need to record somewhere.

But fear from the past still haunts me. Perhaps I should make it a techno-blog rather than a personal blog. Then I won’t take things so personally.


At least 270 degrees views on things. Getting all 360 is difficult.

Besides, majority of my short, quick thoughts are recorded in Twitter (@zzeed). Blogs are for long thoughts. Would you even be interested in that?


Profile pic

Yes, this is my profile pic.

Fabulous Friday

Managed to conclude the troubleshooting. The closing wasn’t that smooth but pretty decent.

It seems like this Stratex technology is a little outdated. Supportability check required.

Learned something new – that’s always the greatest satisfaction of any offshore trip. 🙂


Transceiving Thursday

Working at two satellite platforms. First basket transfer, second… the tarzan swiinggg

I love watching the horizon and inhaling the breadth of the sea. The best part about working at satellite: when you see the boat heads towards you to pick you up.

Smashed during permit to work meeting & dinner. May Allah help me… Ya Allah, grant me the patience & the strength.

Worrisome Wednesday

This trip has an unusual feeling to it.

I am always at odds when working on something with a very steep curve.

How do I end up doing things that’s always a little beyond my building blocks/ expertise? Strange. Maybe for development purposes. Maybe it’s something good for me.. expanding my horizon, not settling. I’ll know it soon enough.

G: I can cook.
S: Fine… can you sew?

L: I can sing.
M: Ok… can you act?

But anyway, the level 2 rooms are super nice.

I am fortunate about this for this particular trip. Hope I’ll get such opportunity again next time.

So we nailed the problem but without any solution yet. One of the transceivers didn’t seem to work properly.

Tantalizing Tuesday

Arrived at the platform after a delay or two. The van that transferred us to the chopper hangar apparently had to wait beside the main terminal while a plane was landing. The Firefly right wing could actually hit the top of the van.

Met up my two consultants at the airport and quickly team-built. Seemed like very excellent gentlemen, ready to offer some expertise.

Had briefing as soon as we reached the platform. Bumped into my choke valve vendor who was on his way out. It was good to meet him again; he helped me out a lot last time.

Lunch was great. Prayed Zuhr. And now, standing by until the operation team briefing completes.

… temporary work room…

Hopefully we could craft some plan for tomorrow’s work. May Allah make this trip easy for me… so I may return safely, InsyaAllah.

Manic Monday

Testing… testing…

What a day it’s been. I was rushing to complete a contract proposal, while correcting my brother’s air-ticket, while responding to friends who asked whether or not they should get Galaxy Notes, and answering a phone call from a vendor who didn’t seem to understand that contract approval was not by the engineer who initiated it.

And now this, the trip to offshore.

Hope things will continue to go well while I’m away. Ya Allah, please protect us all… Amīn.

The Week of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Managed to dash to the ERL station and checked in earlier than the 7-day expiry! Yeah! 1 ticket saved. I was also quite fortunate to sign up for free tickets to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

This week is the HSE week. Attended the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome talk. It was very informative. Received goodies that included Pedometer. I took flu vaccination as well. It happened fairly quickly. But I felt like I was going to get sick.

Earlier chief had asked me to attend CKA & CKB piping mishap with Subsurface. They seemed to blaming the Surface team for it. Not so fast.

There was a possible extension of tagging for this Ortho rotation. Quite a discussion with wife over it. I have absolutely no idea how difficult orthopedic is but it does sound quite hard at the moment. Hope the burden eases as time goes.

SAS 2000 versus ASIS 2011

Wesak Day off. Intan was on-call.

Picked up KakLong right before noon and we went to ASIS Cheras after Zuhr to re-create the 2000 picture.

Nieces & nephew enjoying themselves. 

We had a small picnic near the Tembusu camp. It’s no longer a camp, I think.

The gymnasium now has plenty of holes. Must be Silat Cekak’s doing. (Just kidding!) Hehe.

The field still looks good.

The basketball court is also still in a good shape.

A few generations of Alam Shah Cheras: Ahmad Ashbihani Mat (Asis 2011-2012), Ahmad Zidni Mat (SAS 1996-2000) and Mat Zakaria (SAS 1967-1970, the head boy of 1970). 

This was taken back in 2000. We attempted to re-create this picture. This was a few months before mom gave birth to our youngest brother Asrizalni.

Fast forward 11 years: CB is twice as big, Ashbi is twice as tall, Alya still sits straight like she did but with a lot more smile, dad’s hair has turned almost all white, I look like I have accelerated to middle-age,  Asri is in standard 5 of primary school, mom already passed away (T_T we miss you, mother), KakLong & KakNgah are wiser with 3 kids each, and Muzani looks much rougher and tougher. 

So here is the list of school staff that are still around compared to when I left the school by the end of 2000: Cikgu Rijaludin Che Mat, Cikgu Muhammad Arif Saniran, Cikgu Rohaiza Ramli, Ustaz Khiruddin Awang, and En. Bahari a.k.a. Pak Abu. Tn. Hj. Idrus is the principal but he’s retiring in 2011.

Anyway, it was a simple, quick family gathering. Great event. (In the picture, to Muzani’s right was Niza, his wife. My wife Intan was on-call so she couldn’t attend this… )

We left Asis quite late at about six. We departed first but somehow Muzani reached home first, since his Perdana is much faster than most Perdanas out there. Alya sent KakLong back to her home.

I spent the night at Sg. Merab. Exhausted.

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