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Panasonic microwave oven

We had lunch at KakLong’s. They invited Ibu to come visit so we did. Thanks, KakLong!

Anyway, after that we had quick trips to Jusco to buy pedestal-fan and Sen Heng Alamanda to get a microwave. I was using my Treatpoints and we had to detour to the Bangi branch since the Alamanda joint ran out of stocks.

Guess the brand of that microwave:


Not the latest and greatest but it gives us the basic function.


Panasonic supply chain issues?

After transferring some stuff to the new place, Intan & I went to Jusco Home center to find our fridge and washer. Actually, we were at Carrefour earlier for a refund. What we ordered more than 2 weeks ago weren’t delivered.

Has Panasonic gone awry? Retailers are having difficulty getting Panasonic supplies – 3 weeks of wait and still without guarantee of availability. Jusco was telling the same story on getting the Panasonic stuff.

We finally decided to venture into LG products.

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