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SAS 2000 versus ASIS 2011

Wesak Day off. Intan was on-call.

Picked up KakLong right before noon and we went to ASIS Cheras after Zuhr to re-create the 2000 picture.

Nieces & nephew enjoying themselves. 

We had a small picnic near the Tembusu camp. It’s no longer a camp, I think.

The gymnasium now has plenty of holes. Must be Silat Cekak’s doing. (Just kidding!) Hehe.

The field still looks good.

The basketball court is also still in a good shape.

A few generations of Alam Shah Cheras: Ahmad Ashbihani Mat (Asis 2011-2012), Ahmad Zidni Mat (SAS 1996-2000) and Mat Zakaria (SAS 1967-1970, the head boy of 1970). 

This was taken back in 2000. We attempted to re-create this picture. This was a few months before mom gave birth to our youngest brother Asrizalni.

Fast forward 11 years: CB is twice as big, Ashbi is twice as tall, Alya still sits straight like she did but with a lot more smile, dad’s hair has turned almost all white, I look like I have accelerated to middle-age,  Asri is in standard 5 of primary school, mom already passed away (T_T we miss you, mother), KakLong & KakNgah are wiser with 3 kids each, and Muzani looks much rougher and tougher. 

So here is the list of school staff that are still around compared to when I left the school by the end of 2000: Cikgu Rijaludin Che Mat, Cikgu Muhammad Arif Saniran, Cikgu Rohaiza Ramli, Ustaz Khiruddin Awang, and En. Bahari a.k.a. Pak Abu. Tn. Hj. Idrus is the principal but he’s retiring in 2011.

Anyway, it was a simple, quick family gathering. Great event. (In the picture, to Muzani’s right was Niza, his wife. My wife Intan was on-call so she couldn’t attend this… )

We left Asis quite late at about six. We departed first but somehow Muzani reached home first, since his Perdana is much faster than most Perdanas out there. Alya sent KakLong back to her home.

I spent the night at Sg. Merab. Exhausted.


Carnival at ASIS

Woke up early. Traveled to ASIS for Ashbi and the carnival.

He was already by the fire, frying the Keropok.

I chatted with Tuan Hj. Idrus for a little bit.

Dad did too.

My brothers. Big younger brothers.

Ashbi’s friend unknowingly promoted the Keropok to dad – embarrassed after finding out immediately that dad had been the supplier of the Keropok.

Photo op: Dad and the three youngest. Looking at something. I don’t know what it was.

1B2 Dorm room aka prep area for Keropok.

It was an awesome event. I was definitely nostalgic. Ayoh was too.

I then returned to Putrajaya, packed and headed to K.S. with wife. We dropped by Paya Jaras market and bought some durian. Heheh.

The Return to Alam Shah after 11 Years Part 2

I visited Ashbi at ASIS for a while late in the afternoon. This is right after I picked up CB from Banting.

We spent some time at Taman Firdausi. I’m not sure if they still call it by that name today. This view was from Taman Firdausi towards 4 Maju & 5 Maju, the classes I was in.

Looking down over the other side, we could see schools of fish swimming counter clockwise around the pole. Interesting.

This photo portrays two things: that Farzi Alwie wuz ere & somebody hooked up Hi-Def Astro for some sort of IT-multimedia lab!

The Return to Alam Shah after 11 Years

I took a day off to register my brother Ashbi at Sekolah Menengah Sains Alam Shah a.k.a. ASiS (Alam Shah Science School), Cheras. I stepped up because dad had an inescapably important meeting in Terengganu around the same time. KakLong, Muzani & Alya helped out too.

Upon arrival, we were directed to the main hall, registration of which was divided by classes.

I was quite impressed by how smooth the registration was, although, I wished there had been more chairs for the parents to sit. Ashbi is joining 4 Cita. With only fourth and fifth formers in ASIS, there are up to 10 classes now beyond the original 4 then (Cita, Usaha, Jaya, Maju).

After registration, we proceeded straight to the school co-op. Plenty of gears & supplies to grab.

Next: the dormitory. No excuse not to strive anymore: some of the trivial struggles have been removed. Everyone gets single-bed and a double-door locker. Awesome.

Passed down the bed-making technics to Ashbi. Yeap, I still remember.

Reminiscing memories from 11 years ago. Chills.

I was very much overwhelmed by nostalgia. Thinking about the sweet & sour memories from many years ago brought up goosebumps. I didn’t manage to find many teachers from then but I saw a couple of familiar photos. Many things have changed. And many more things have stayed the same.

Now time for some walk about.

I used to live here as a second former. This was called Block C then. Very nice paint work by the way.

This corridor brings up memories. 1996 in 1 Jaya. Starting to feel like these memories go way back. 15 years.

Epic. The basketball court. “Alam Shah, Alam Shah Sedia!”

Remarkable. Just like I remember it. OK, there wasn’t any roof then, but the tiles, drains, taps… haven’t changed much at all.

The canteen also hasn’t changed much. I haven’t gone to the dining hall yet so maybe I’ll reminisce that portion in the future. Had plenty of reminiscing already. One section of the brain at a time.

Closer to noon, we had lunch there. There was a little briefing to parents which KakLong & I attended, partially. I really liked the part where they coined the term “kemenjadian” in which students would have to slaughter chicken for practical training. That’s awesome.

I have a good feeling that Ashbi will survive this. No worries. He’s got the confidence and all of the support that he needs. I’m proud of him.

Prof. Dr. Mat bin Zakaria, Class of 1970

Ahmad Zidni Mat, Class of 2000

And now, the upcoming Ahmad Ashbihani Mat: Class of 2012.

As we departed, I almost cried, thinking about how my late mother would feel about this. She must be proud of Ashbi. I’m sure she is.

The great circle of life continues on… I too one day will become parents, put my kids in school and pass away. But should not dwell on this too much. Focus on the present moment (efforts), pray to Allah that all will be fine, and embrace the results.

Ya Allah, bless us all with your guidance. We are nothing but humble servants surviving this temporal world. We seek your blessings & forgiveness, always.

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