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Banking and books

I’m taking a day leave.

In the morning, it was all about banking matters. Intan & I registered at TH to go to Hajj. Great. Guess how soon we could go for that based on turns? 2031.

Then we went to PWTC for the Book Fair. It was crowded!

Either nobody writes for DBP or we came at the wrong timing.

The bird looks scary to me. Somebody needs to re-work that mascot.

How ironic – publish the book “I Luv Islam” but during the event, dance like there’s always tomorrow.

Apple Macintosh is the clear winner in creative field.

I came back to get “The Choice” by Sheikh Ahmad Deedat.

The School of XPax – Celcom making quick bucks out of school kids. .

Some crowd control idiots trying to make the people traffic one way. Nobody bothered because people are not like cars – can’t easily U-turned if we go the wrong way. It’s not much a congestion if you simple twist yourself 180 degrees. But a car? Yes. That clogs up both direction and sideways.

Afterwards, we went to Alamanda to handle some telco matters. I thought they could handle those matters, but no, I was told to find a main branch instead. Then why do you label yourself “specialized centre“? Please change that to “specialized dealer” instead if all you can do is sign people up.

Crazy telcos.

Then we went straight to mom’s. Ayoh has arrived.


Melbourne Tour Day 4

Wife helped a lot in packing and the whole Friday morning was a pause and rest from the road trips and preparation for the traveling back to Malaysia. I went to the mosque on Preston for Friday prayer. The khutbah talked about being patient, “Fasbir, wassabri jamiila,” roughly translated to “Be patient with the most excellent patience.” If you think you’re going through hard times, be reminded of the hardship and calamity that Rasullah (p.b.u.h) went through… and we should follow the true example of Allah’s messenger.


On the way to Vic market, I saw a graffiti all the way up on the building. How did a graffiti get that high?


We were looking for kangaroo shoes again by request from dad. Surprisingly to me, these kangaroo shoes are hard to find. Maybe for normal types shoes they are. Kangaroo skins are normally in the form of football or soccer shoes. The hawkers told us that the European pay so much more for kangaroo products. No wonder. We found a pair but I wasn’t sure if dad would like it.


Much later, we were at the professional bookstore for my wife’s final semester books. 12 semesters are quite a journey. I only had to do 8 and 3 or 4 short ones.

Next stop was Next Byte since I needed to purchase a Mini DisplayPort to DVI converter. They had the cables in stock now but the price was not AUD$25 as labeled on others. The price tag of AUD$45 was exactly like the ones we saw in Chadstone.


Here in Melbourne school.


The library had this tour on Shell origin in Australia. Apparently, Shell had helped with mapping then and even producing Braille map along the way.

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