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Began Pondering Edmonton, Canada

Found the hardcopy career-progression tracking. Yey! That’s one of documents recovered after losing the thumb drive. Awesome.

The two other senior engineers were out so the boss & I backfilled the void for the day. We mostly talked about some Edmonton stuff when the senior process safety engineer, Shukra, introduced a newly joining process safety engineer. Process safety is a big thing at this company. That’s good.

Nice impression of Edmonton, Canada. Hope it’s as beautiful as in the picture.

I had lunch with Syed/Ikram/Najib at Wisma Sentral. Much later, ordered pizza for dinner. It had rained.

Oh, is it Teacher’s Day today? Well, nobody likes engineers. No Engineer’s Day.


Confirmation of Canadian Trip

Arrived later than planned. I spent some time relooking at the package and later reviewed the SIL package on time. It went just fine but I expected more of myself.

Played futsal at noon. Felt refreshed. Then I ate Kedai Mesra‘s Nasi Kukus for lunch. Not bad. Decent taste.

Saw chief’s nomination on Canada trip via e-mail: me! Wohoo! It’s official. I am going to Canada!

Had a small discussion with the measurement engineer. Signed up for FRIM walk. Then the senior rotating equipment engineer talked about his Cadillac Escalade ride later in the US. Dang. That’s quite a ride.

Missed the 5.35PM train! Ugh. I was late! Returned home. Dinner: Beriani kambing.

The First Hint of Upcoming Trip to Canada

Not much work planned for the day. I was talking to Kuhan when Najib intervened. We went to have some breakfast afterwards.

So I was working on OIM variables when my boss hinted on an upcoming Canada trip for me. I was excited but I tried not to get too excited.

Will there be a Canadian trip for me?

I was having lunch by myself when I bumped into one of my former colleagues, Richard Ng. Small world, indeed.

This OIM task is taking too long, I’m still not done after a full day. Couldn’t find my thumb drive so I have to let it go. T_T

Muzani returned the WLQ Kancil with belt tightened. Thank you.

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