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Kancil shaft, MAS offer ticket, and ‘Aqiqah

Replaced Kancil tires, hub and the shaft to the gearbox. The left one was quite damaged, awaiting time to part. I’m just relieved it didn’t snap before this.

Muzani sent dad to KLIA. There was a big ruckus about the MAS ticket issue. Apparently, for offer tickets, MAS would automatically forfeit the returning flight although you’ve only missed the first flight. The returning flight is not even happening yet.

Easy money…

We attended a tahlil which was also Alimah’s ‘Aqiqah.


Proton: Focus the name of the game

I came across this on a newspaper somewhere. It talks about Proton‘s past, present, and the future and the importance of selling the cars outside Malaysia. But in my opinion, for Proton to be more successful, they must be able to focus on just a few cars and succeed at the home ground first. It seems like they’re expanding the product lines as shown in the red arrow. But they need to focus on fewer models as shown in the green arrow.

By the way, did you know that Proton cars are higher in specs, safer, and cheaper when sold overseas (esp. UK, Australia)? It does seem like Proton is lax in local competition.

My previous post with regards to branding.

Jess Ross’ Honda

I’m sure you’ve heard of Jess Ross’ Honda. Jess Ross couldn’t get his Honda to the standard that he deserved. Even went to the point of painting his car “My Honda Tak Guna” or “My Useless Honda“. He went, “if this is what I have to do to get justice, so be it!

I have nothing against Honda nor do I think other Honda owners or potential owners should be jumping in anxiety due to this case. It could be there is an isolated case with partially locally fabricated parts vs. fully-imported ones. Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t have the facts. Even Toyota has made recalls on the recent failed accelerators and was under great scrutiny from just about everybody.

But I am highly suspecting one thing though – that there is an intermittent breakdown in communication between the two. In my opinion, Jess should’ve taken this with Honda with greater flair and find out if there are other batches of cars that experience the same and really, really work with Honda on nailing it. And Honda should be just as worried at the greater level, for a car that couldn’t re-establish its basic functions after recurring repair, instead of keeping on servicing the same car and going at it over and over again.

What do you think? More details on the story here.

5-year anniversary

At the office early in the morning. My 5-year anniversary. There is some increment, Alhamdulillah.

5 apples for me!

Received contribution money. Sent my Nissan Sentra to Glenmarie Tceas (Tan Chong Edaran Auto Services). They replaced one of the valve sensors.

Short Notes for June 30

Left a bit earlier since the hardware test was deferred. Man provided minor service at his workshop. Steering still felt a lil bit heavier than before.

Short Notes for June 29

Car broke down at about Petronas nearby MIMOS, waited for tow. Leong Kee at Kuchai Lama replaced the battery. The car died one more time, returned for further checks but found none.

Nissan Sentra alternator replacement

All of us departed to Bangi. We stopped by Temerloh to repair WLU and had dinner nearby the workshop. Arrived home late.

Alternator replaced.

We had to go back at some point. And sort things out where mom had left us abruptly.


Wira seat exchange

Wira had its seat replaced with Pok’s.

Good bye, former seat. 13 years of service… thank you.

Mitsubishi Lancer at RM35k???

Can somebody explain to me how this Dato’ can get a Mitsubishi Lancer for only RM35,000? AP?

So you need a company that are licensed to distribute imported cars? Buy for RM35k and sell it for RM125k?

Can I get the same deal?

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