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The Question about United States Dollar

Woke up a bit late (near 7, oops!). Had a session with DeVere. And they suggested me to invest in USD $?


First of all, can somebody explain to me what is United States Dollar backed by? Is it gold? Oil? American economy? I took 3 Economics courses with flying colors and I would really like to know. But don’t tell me to ask Ben Bernanke or Alan Greenspan about it. Heheh.

The Chinese are going, “Yeah, we have plenty of those… and we’re very much secure. Look at what they’re doing to Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan… etc.

Simpler question: what brought the largest firm of independent financial advisors here to Asia in the first place? Is Asia a booming market?

But come to think about it, US Dollar IS indeed the international reserve currency, isn’t it? In fact, majority of US notes are held outside the United States, what an interesting fact that is. And yet America is the one acting like the world police. Ironic? Maybe…

* Hey, maybe that’s what’s driving them to police around the world… taking care of the assets.


Proton: Focus the name of the game

I came across this on a newspaper somewhere. It talks about Proton‘s past, present, and the future and the importance of selling the cars outside Malaysia. But in my opinion, for Proton to be more successful, they must be able to focus on just a few cars and succeed at the home ground first. It seems like they’re expanding the product lines as shown in the red arrow. But they need to focus on fewer models as shown in the green arrow.

By the way, did you know that Proton cars are higher in specs, safer, and cheaper when sold overseas (esp. UK, Australia)? It does seem like Proton is lax in local competition.

My previous post with regards to branding.

Sugar Temporary Deficit

Who actually manages our sugar supply? The government? The suppliers (Robert Kwok and co.)?

From the law of supply and demand, a temporary shortage is caused either by an increase in demand or a decrease in supply.

Demand is pretty much stiff. There shouldn’t be much changes to that. It’s not like suddenly Malaysians are healthily conscious of diabetic lifestyle and subsequently abandoning sugar. So there’s something with the supplied quantity, subsidy, and the price ceiling that we don’t know much about.

Brain power Classification

The A, B, and C of the class become scientists, engineers, and doctors and similar professionals.
D and E do the rest, like public service, IT, education, etc.
F class joins hard labor, or if they can talk well, endeavor politics and help out with busines
s. Ahahaha.

Got brainpower? I’m very condescending today.

Reinvent yourself every 5 years part II

It was quite a swift Monday. Several things moved. I’m quite happy with the progress.

But regardless, I feel the need to reinvent myself. I’m not saying I already know enough or I’m already good. But I require a different type of stimulants, challenges, and the external benefits all in one intoxicating mixture that’s much more fulfilling and rewarding and addicting both in short and long term.

P/S: You might ask, why not more money? As I have mentioned before, money is effective, but not efficient. It takes a lot of money just to get a small amount of effort. And I don’t want to be getting used to getting plenty of money too. Getting plenty of money by itself is not a problem (duh!) but the almost immediate consequence, which is getting used to spending plenty of money, is a huge problem!

Tell me how you can reverse that effect, and I’ll introduce you to several people who need that help.

6 out of the 10 top-paying companies are law firms

Here is the list of the 25 top-paying companies in 2010:

1) Baker Donelson – law firm
2) – IT software/cloud computing
3) Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe – law firm
4) Bingham McCutchen – law firm
5) Devon energy – oil & gas/ engr
6) Alston & Bird – law firm
7) Perkins Coie – law firm

8 ) EOG Resources – oil & gas / engr
9) Arnold & Porter – law firm
10) Brocade Communication Systems – software engr
11) Adobe Systems – software dev
12) Genentech – biotech/clinical specialist
13) Boston consulting group – business consultants
14) CISCO – software engr
15) NetApp – software engr
16) Colgate-Palmolive – consumer products/ mngr
17) Chesapeake Energy – oil & gas / toolpusher
18) MITRE – information system engr
19 ) Scripps Health – healthcare /mngr
20) DPR construction – supts
21) Goldman Sachs – analysts
22) Winchester hospital – nurse mngr
23) Microsoft – software engr
24) Intel – component design engr
25) Robert W. Baird & Co. – financial analyst

From the top 10 of the top 25 best paid companies of 2009, 6 of them were law firms.

What does that tell ya?

That lawyers are out there snatching your money? Or law firms do not require big capital startups, unlike oil & gas companies, pharmaceuticals, software development, and so on?

Somebody else noticed it too.

Coconut fiber mattress, LG fridge and washer

Coconut fiber mattress is really something different. I still hurt my back upon waking up from sleep, but with much less pain.

On a different note, hey – the fridge and washer arrived! We couldn’t turn on the fridge right away because the whole circuit is filled up with gas after the logistics. At about 8, Intan & I went to Mydin to pick up some other household needs.

Blackberry Bold 9700 offer by DIGI

I was supposed to pack everything and complete the moving today! But this Blackberry Bold 9700 deal was very distracting. I couldn’t ignore it.

Intan and I were in MidValley Megamall for the BBB (BlackBerry Bold) deal. It was a mad house! Plenty of people were signing up for the deal.

After sending my wedding ring for an adjustment in size, due to the nature of my finger (uh-oh!), we checked out Bose speakers at Atlas over in the Gardens. Beautiful sound! Bose manufactures the best speakers on earth. I managed to obtain its catalogue too.

You must be scratching your heads right now… why Blackberry, Zidni… why? I thought you’re all for an iPhone!!!

I’ll explain why later. : )

Panasonic supply chain issues?

After transferring some stuff to the new place, Intan & I went to Jusco Home center to find our fridge and washer. Actually, we were at Carrefour earlier for a refund. What we ordered more than 2 weeks ago weren’t delivered.

Has Panasonic gone awry? Retailers are having difficulty getting Panasonic supplies – 3 weeks of wait and still without guarantee of availability. Jusco was telling the same story on getting the Panasonic stuff.

We finally decided to venture into LG products.

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