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Hari Mesra SKBBB and Barbecue at Cheras

Adik’s Hari Mesra. We received the report card from a replacement teacher instead, not his actual teacher. We saw and Indian kid holding an Arabic language book? Pure interest or the school couldn’t get a Tamil language teacher?

Alya, CB, Ashbi and I all signed up for the supposedly alumni startup:

Dedusting with Pensonic. BBQ at Cheras with Intan, Alya, CB, and Adik. Thanks for having us… happy birthday, Along!

Cake time!

Too full…


Registering CB at Selangor Matriculation College in Banting

Early in the morning, I sent my wife to the hospital before traveling to mom’s. I took a leave to help mom accompanying CB’s registration at Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor somewhere in Jugra, Banting. Dad came along immediately after his matriculation meeting in Putrajaya, which fortunately ended earlier than expected.

The place seemed elegant. Spanning over 90-acre something, it was a flat land, dry as it normally is for a newly established place. At the entrance, they gave the registration package by queue number so the registration was quite swift. All CB had to do was walk in into certain sections of a building while the parents had to just wait for the process outside.

Parents and relatives in the waiting area.

Mom and I had to find toilets. We ended up waiting in the masjid instead.

CB settled himself down at the Capella dorm. The room could fit 4. Dad contacted Pn Rosna, the Head of Mathematics at KMS, who was his colleague in matriculation matters, and was a Army Cadets teacher/advisor of mine during high school (SAS).

Mom, adik & I returned and reached home at right about 2 so mom could send Adik to school just in time. Dad and Alya returned much much later in the afternoon.

While I was out, the office had a little ruckus with regards to metering. Talk about taking yourself for granted.

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