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BP Pumps – You Are Responsible For Spills!


Found it from here


Safety system testing

This whole week will be about safety system testing. Invensys Triconex to be exact.

Most of the integrators lead a very simple technical life.

And I had some time to goof off with my Guru, Sir Ui Min. Yeah, I know… I looked fat with the hat. And the camera added 10 pounds some more. Why la you had to bring the camera, Eric? LOL…

Reinvent yourself every 5 years

It wasn’t such a fruitful day but I managed to accomplish a few things. It feels like I’ve been too long on this job. All my peers have changed three generations. I’m still the same one person doing the same job for very close to 5 years.

“Ya Allah, please help me reinvent myself. I’m becoming complacent. My senses are dulled.”

Extraordinary discussions?

Tight schedule. Everything happened back to back. I returned home a bit later than planned – there was a few extraordinary meetings about some non-base business issues at work. I have to be honest – non technical issues are much harder to solve than technical issues. But that doesn’t mean we appreciate the technical expert much less.

I finally concluded that the 190 TAE could really guzzle some gas. It almost doubled the Nissan’s consumption so I am estimating it to be at 15 to 16mpg.

Ibu needed to buy something so KNgah drove Ibu, Intan & I to Alamanda, Putrajaya. We were just in time before everybody started to wrap things up and leave. But hey, some mission accomplished.

Esso petrol station caught not preserving energy

What is this particular Esso petrol station thinking? Why are the lights on when it’s already bright?

The Long Wait and Pixelmator

After another set of SAT, I spent time at mom’s. My wife returned from work late. I have to get used to this 10 to midnight wait for her.


I tried Pixelmator application today. The software is pretty awesome! It launches 10 times faster than Adobe Photoshop.

A perfect graphics editing software for Mac OS X users.

Even dead wood became a place for beautiful flowers to spring up. I should take a lesson from this.

Monday juggling

Haywire. First, I was late in sending my wife to the Health office over in KL. I just missed a turn and everything went a little cuckoo. I managed to recover a bit but it didn’t help much. I have to thank Ayah who was there for his daughter.


So my wife is reporting for duty already. Awh. 3 months passed by so quickly. I am happy with the kind of work-life balance I’ve been enjoying. Now it’s time to let that feeling go. T_T


At the same time, the operators had waited for me at the Honeywell office, expecting me to be there to initiate the systems testing. Does it still take me to be there and go, “yeah, let’s start, guys.” Don’t get me wrong, the OEM was doing their thing, the operators were already kind enough to show up – so why was there a need to hold hands, still? I immediately traveled to the Honeywell office and straightened things out. I really hope that one day, these things wouldn’t depend on me and me alone.

And some engineers in the office were waiting and expecting my solution, who earlier already brought it up to the highest level in the production unit in order to pressure me for commitment. I had to handle that remotely with a help of my buddy in the office.

I don’t mind doing all the above, but I really can’t be at all 3 places at the same time!

Blind ultimate installation

The day passed quickly. I learned about a ruckus that could’ve been better covered had I not been out yesterday.

The blinds were installed nicely. Awesome piece of work. Hehe. (Jump inside a basket and lift it myself).

Blind pilot installation

I was more productive than normal, yey! Managed to get facilities management technician to install the blind.

It’s a great looking blind. I’m quite proud of it.

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