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Dinner at Red Wok

Departed & arrived normally. Had breakfast with Najib.

Called up Expro about this venturi meters. Filled up my first TRF (travel request form). My senior colleague is back. Amin was back yesterday. We chatted about our moms, who had passed away. His passed away recently. Al-Fatihah.

Anyway, I had lunch with Po-g, Kuchai & Raja. Raja is really the “got-nothing-to-lose” kind of guy. Interpreted that from his stories about his encounters at the office. My former office.

Afterwards: OIM (operating integrity module) meeting. The other lead from the other department was making stuff up! I let go “smarter” remarks to stamp on the bubbles. Confessed to the actual initiative lead about it & he agreed. Had a little bit of chat with chief Farid on the way home.

Had dinner at Red Wok with HO (house officer) friends. Returned to Sg. Merab. Ate some Pulut durian.

Red Wok, Bangi: pretty decent. Not up to my taste buds but an OK place for buffet. 🙂


Short Notes for July 22

A meeting with Expro-Petrotech. The entire day, my head felt heavy and groggy… somehow very exhausted.

Fish & chips dinner. Nice. Thanks Muzani & Niza!

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