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Reliability-Centered Maintenance Training

Confused between whether I should go for a training at Prince Hotel (First Aid) or RCM (Reliability-Centered Maintenance) at Convention Center. After a clarification or two, I finally settled for the latter.

The PF-curve is a profound concept. It basically alerts us to do something about an equipment before further degradation occurs. Every engineer who works on Equipment Strategy must know PF-curves like the back of their hands.

Food at Ten On Call was really good. The training was also awesome. Somehow my former supervisor was around the top floor of the convention center and my current boss & I greeted him. It was awkward a little but hey, that’s life. Also ran into Kam & Tahir… Imran as well. Came to know about Khairi Y. also leaving the ExxonMobil camp. Hmm. What else is new?

Returned to Sg. Merab & ironed my shirt for tomorrow. Phew.


Consolidation and Final Contribution

Somehow, I worked out with Yeong to create this gathering at IOI mall – old flames of Honeywell support in XOM. I learned a lot from these great gurus -will never be able to return the favor. Hope they continue well with their lives and stay in touch.

me, Yeong, Man, and JC.

Then I sped to KLCC, parked at Traders, and met up with Eric & Khufrawy, helping them with any other handover stuff. Many were surprised to see me. Hey, I was there as an independent consultant. Everything will be up to Eric. By the way, thank you, Eric.

I returned to Sg. Merab and later had a drink with Nizam about project Venus. It’s an interesting project but it takes more than 2 engineers to execute it.

Dad has returned.

Short Notes for July 23

I was too casual. People went, “do you work today?” Helping out with some investigations offshore. Sequence of events.

Sultan Mizan was at Masjid As-Syakirin for friday prayer. I left office and brought back Sate for dinner. Delivered some to my wife.

5-year anniversary

At the office early in the morning. My 5-year anniversary. There is some increment, Alhamdulillah.

5 apples for me!

Received contribution money. Sent my Nissan Sentra to Glenmarie Tceas (Tan Chong Edaran Auto Services). They replaced one of the valve sensors.

5 years passed by

1796days completed.


0obligation to go.


The heavy weight on my shoulders have been lifted.


The fourth supervisor in nearly 5 years

I forgot my Touch & Go, oops! Ended up paying tolls in cash. I heard the news… my group supervision will be shouldered by a different person. This would be my fourth supervisor in 5 years.

After work, I rushed back and picked up my wife. We stopped by Alamanda to pick up some stuff. Dropped by mom’s to get my safety shoes. Apparently I left them there from the last trip.

Esso petrol station caught not preserving energy

What is this particular Esso petrol station thinking? Why are the lights on when it’s already bright?

Esso and Shell

Scoop, I was here first!

Hey, I signed the PSC (production sharing contract) first!

Triconex training at Trisystems 4

Final day of training.

We salvaged the final minutes with plenty of clarifications. It’s not easy to satisfy the operator company’s system engineers thirst for knowledge. A lesson for Trisystem – if you could garner more than 50% of a company’s system engineers – don’t be sending someone with less than those engineers’ average number of years in experience.

For instance, if a company of 7 systems engineers send 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-year old engineers respectively, don’t be assigning, (1+2+3+4+5) / 5 = 3, anybody with less than 3 years of experience to be the trainer.

Acting out “concentration”.

“So let’s verify that.”

Will it write to the coil?

All in all, I think the training was quite enjoyable. I certainly refreshed myself with the basics and learned a new thing or two. Learning is a life-long process. Learning is in fact life itself.

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