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August Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, we had a small celebration for August birthdays.

Me in December!

My bad! I accidentally touched a spot while taking the cake out of its box. Happy birthday, Ashbi, Arifah, and Intan!

Fiefah – I want to celebrate too!

Couldn’t get my flash timed with Abg Ngah’s!


Short Notes for August 2

I was at the Honeywell office from 10 to noon. I took half a day on-leave. Dropped by Darul Izzah to pay my dues. Intan & I went to Maybank for a while to get her ATM card replaced.

Awesome dinner. For my wife. I wish she could take August 4th off… but she couldn’t.

Short Notes for July 27

K.Ngah hitched my ride to the city again. This time I had lunch with Stig and Torsten. Afterwards, I accidentally ordered and drank Green Tea. Diuretic! Always feel like peeing although there’s no more urine left.

On the way back, we bought KFC dinner for everybody.

Wasa at Gombak

We were in Gombak for Wasa grand tahlil.

Adik checking out the Masjid.

My brothers, sister and I were a bit late but very much part of the event anyway.

The place couldn’t accommodate that many people into one camera. My attempt at stitching them together.

After that we made trips to IKEA and MAEPS. KakLong, Muzani & Niza joined up afterwards.

Short Notes for July 18

We attended a wedding reception at Masjid Uniten’s hall. It was quite serene. I liked the setup. Needless to say, I had to carry feverish Arifah who still wanted to come along.

I overslept afterwards… I was exhausted and both of my phones were on vibrate. Hence, I picked up my wife late. I’m sorry, hon!

Hari Mesra SKBBB and Barbecue at Cheras

Adik’s Hari Mesra. We received the report card from a replacement teacher instead, not his actual teacher. We saw and Indian kid holding an Arabic language book? Pure interest or the school couldn’t get a Tamil language teacher?

Alya, CB, Ashbi and I all signed up for the supposedly alumni startup:

Dedusting with Pensonic. BBQ at Cheras with Intan, Alya, CB, and Adik. Thanks for having us… happy birthday, Along!

Cake time!

Too full…

My 2010 Birthday Celebration

Sent dad to LCCT alongside Alya and Adik early AM. Rushed back to send Ashbi to school.

Went to Az Zahrah for wife’s medical checkup. Then banking stuff, Maybank, Tabung Haji.

Bought pizza (thanks, hon!) Campbell mushroom soup and had a wonderful dinner. Thanks for the cake! The first birthday celebration without mom. T_T

I’m Not Sure About Macho but I am Definitely Not Alim

Nandos lunch. I decided to join a lunch group on impulse. I normally don’t go to lunch in groups.

One of the reservoir engineers said some folks upstairs (in the subsurface engineering) think I’m macho and alim*? Wow, first time I heard of such praise. I’ve been called macho before but I’m nowhere near alim.

Something happened later that was painful. My heart broke afterward. Twice. Still limping, I couldn’t fully bend my leg. At home, cats dug away the plants. Urgh!

*this actually means knowledgeable (full of ilm, ilmu, knowledge), not pious, but many thinks alim refers to what wara’ stands for

Short Notes for June 13

Returned to Sg Merab. Simple feast while KLong & KNgah visited Shuhada our second cousin’s daughter. This turned out to be my last time greeting mok. Obviously I didn’t know that at the time.

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