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Fast Food Fallacies

If this one doesn’t interest you, I don’t know which fast food picture would. Fast food companies almost always mislead us in advertisements.

And interestingly enough, the food in the ads looks healthy. But the actual one doesn’t look fresh & healthy at all.

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August Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, we had a small celebration for August birthdays.

Me in December!

My bad! I accidentally touched a spot while taking the cake out of its box. Happy birthday, Ashbi, Arifah, and Intan!

Fiefah – I want to celebrate too!

Couldn’t get my flash timed with Abg Ngah’s!

Fruit lunch and Television

My lunch is now fruit. Fruit-lunch. Here was today’s.

Went and surveyed Sony, LG, Machines, and the Denki. Denki has some surprising offers with the TVs. Better keep a close watch.

Short Notes for August 2

I was at the Honeywell office from 10 to noon. I took half a day on-leave. Dropped by Darul Izzah to pay my dues. Intan & I went to Maybank for a while to get her ATM card replaced.

Awesome dinner. For my wife. I wish she could take August 4th off… but she couldn’t.

Short Notes for July 27

K.Ngah hitched my ride to the city again. This time I had lunch with Stig and Torsten. Afterwards, I accidentally ordered and drank Green Tea. Diuretic! Always feel like peeing although there’s no more urine left.

On the way back, we bought KFC dinner for everybody.

Burger King Unable to Deliver

Sent Ayoh to Gombak. Cut thru MRR1, Jln Pahang, then DUKE to MRR2. It was a rendezvous location with his colleagues to travel back to Terengganu.

BK is officially out of my dictionary. The dude forgot 1 medium coke. And then 1 grilled chicken. He didn’t believe us showing the receipt so he followed us over to the table. So he assumed that we’re such liars?! And the same person later denied refilling. Without showing any guilt or remorse.

Marang stop before heading home

On the way back, we stopped by a restaurant with the name I don’t remember but it was very close to Farhana & Ustaz Khalil‘s. The weather was a bit gloomy but we enjoyed the eastern coast air on a late Sunday afternoon nonetheless.

They had this “nira” (how should I describe this in English, like coconut juice? Nectar of coconut flowers…) with ice-cream. Awesome!

And then we ordered squids with plenty of coconut milks. Milky! Got some pulut rolled inside too.

Alimah was enjoying herself…

Ummi Cik was enjoying her break too… in the breezy wind before the rain…

It started to rain and the other 2 cars followed me into the road of Mukhtafi-billah Shah-Jabor until we reached LPT and then home.

Time passed by very quickly. Again.

Beryl free chocolate

CB wanted to visit Beryl factory over some free chocolate invitation on the net so Adik & I joined him.

A handful for each turn.

Quite a lot of people turned up.

Putrajaya Precinct 2 market

I dropped by the hospital to pick up my wife before we went to the nearby marketplace in Precinct 2. Apparently many colleagues from the likes of doctors and nurses had ordered food and drinks to go. After enjoying some kuey teow and teh tarik, we returned to the hospital with our hands full.

What happened to the Putrajaya Waterfront development? Just a concept?

After that, we went straight to mom’s. Spent the night there.

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