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Short Notes for August 6

I had a personal discussion with the boss. Had to explain my side of the story on why I was evaluated in a certain way last year. Phew. Work is just a rubber ball. Just a rubber ball.

Uncle Loh spent a night here to start early tomorrow for his son’s UKM commencement.


Short Notes for July 27

K.Ngah hitched my ride to the city again. This time I had lunch with Stig and Torsten. Afterwards, I accidentally ordered and drank Green Tea. Diuretic! Always feel like peeing although there’s no more urine left.

On the way back, we bought KFC dinner for everybody.

I’m Not Sure About Macho but I am Definitely Not Alim

Nandos lunch. I decided to join a lunch group on impulse. I normally don’t go to lunch in groups.

One of the reservoir engineers said some folks upstairs (in the subsurface engineering) think I’m macho and alim*? Wow, first time I heard of such praise. I’ve been called macho before but I’m nowhere near alim.

Something happened later that was painful. My heart broke afterward. Twice. Still limping, I couldn’t fully bend my leg. At home, cats dug away the plants. Urgh!

*this actually means knowledgeable (full of ilm, ilmu, knowledge), not pious, but many thinks alim refers to what wara’ stands for

Wedding at Marriott Putrajaya

After fixing Kancil’s front plate, I dropped by mom’s for a short while. Apparently wife finished work at a slightly later time than anticipated.

In the evening, Intan and I attended a wedding ceremony at Marriott Putrajaya (during which I bumped into colleague and former colleague at work). The bride is Intan’s friend from work. I wish I can write further details but I don’t want to end up giving the wrong picture, so I leave it at that.

Okay, maybe some pictures.

Multiple spectrums: tux, dresses, baju melayu/kurung, and serbans.

There was a nice ambience to the evening. It was the first hall wedding I attended that had food served buffet style outside the hall and the hall doors were open for free flow traffic to bring in the food.

Extraordinary discussions?

Tight schedule. Everything happened back to back. I returned home a bit later than planned – there was a few extraordinary meetings about some non-base business issues at work. I have to be honest – non technical issues are much harder to solve than technical issues. But that doesn’t mean we appreciate the technical expert much less.

I finally concluded that the 190 TAE could really guzzle some gas. It almost doubled the Nissan’s consumption so I am estimating it to be at 15 to 16mpg.

Ibu needed to buy something so KNgah drove Ibu, Intan & I to Alamanda, Putrajaya. We were just in time before everybody started to wrap things up and leave. But hey, some mission accomplished.

Recovery from the Crash

I took almost the whole day off so in a way, I had to skip the office completely. Early in the morning, I dropped by mom’s of course. Finally decided on borrowing the 190 TAE, I returned home to pick up Ibu and back to mom’s again.

After a while, I excused myself and headed over to the workshop. Took me until slightly over noon to go over the details with the workshop manager. I was exploring the options of modification, discussing on the concerns that I carried from the last repair and so on. The manager seemed very knowledgeable of the workshop’s capabilities and highly concerned about the workshop’s standards too. So that was a good sign.

Returning home, I had lunch together with everybody and it’s slightly over 2.30pm by the time it was over. If I sent Ibu back and headed back to work, the actual productive time would be from 4 to 5, which was definitely not worth the journey, hence my decision to skip the office completely. After all, I am on emergency leave.

All in a day’s work

It definitely wasn’t one of my best days at work. It obviously wasn’t.

Agh. Ughh. I had to vent in a small note.

There were plenty of corridor talks too. Maybe everybody was up for a chat.

Professional network

I decided to attend the startup session of a young professional circle during the later part of the day at a restaurant in the PNB-Darby Park building.

I could easily summarize this – even after a year of establishment – nobody really has the right idea of what the circle should be about. Nobody. And I meant that in a big way, not just something small. I was quiet, initially. But just as I was about to volunteer, spoke upfront about where we should really venture into, time was up.

I wasn’t trying to mislead anybody. Come on. I will expire in 2 months: I really have nothing to lose if the circle is circling around without being effective. But I do feel the need to share and help the fresh grads to spring up quickly.

Road was closed due to the F1 stuff. Urgh. That caused at least an hour’s traffic jam just to get out of the city.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Formula1 sport. My point was – regardless of the events, Malaysia normally exudes excessive exuberance beyond what is necessary. (Wow, did I just write 3 consecutive words that start with ex, and that was a little oxymoronic, since excessive already means beyond what is necessary). Organizers forget – in this case, the cost actually outweighs the benefits.

Kelana Jaya wedding ceremony

In the morning, we sent the Kancil for a car wash before headed to a wedding ceremony in Kelana Jaya.

Congratulations, Salami & Hanisah!

Here in SS3/51.

Erm, didn’t know Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was invited.

Anyways, thanks for having us! Congrats again!

Afterwards, we went to 1Utama for a short while. I canceled one of my telco accounts while Intan managed to shop for a book at the MPH sale. I too spotted a book and bought it. It’s written by Mohammed Yunus, the Nobel winning Grameen Bank founder.

Then we headed straight to Muzaniza’s for a small feast. Thanks Muzani & Niza for having us! Afterwards, I dropped by mom’s to give them the transformers DVD, and returned with my huge receiver speakers. After that I spent about an hour hooking them up.

At the LG booth, I thought I won an LG notebook.

It turned out to be the other notebook.

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